You can download product data sheets and the latest releases of PolyPattern software. If you have a PolyPattern license for the latest version, you can download the version here and run with a full license.

If you have not yet purchased PolyPattern, you can download and run the software here in demonstration mode.

To learn more, contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Download PolyPattern Software for Windows

PolyPattern version 7.0v6 Download (9.3MB)
PlotQ version 1.1.1 Download (1.3MB)

Download PolyPattern Software for Mac OS X

PolyPattern version 6.4a8 Download (6.5MB)

Download PolyPattern Product Data Sheets

PolyPattern Pattern Construction Time Sheet Download (158KB)
PolyPattern Design Pro Download (626KB)
PolyPattern AutoMarker Download (548KB)
PolyPattern DOT Plotter Download (134KB)

Download Remote Support Applications

Polytropon Quick Support Application for Windows Download (6.1MB)
Polytropon Quick Support Application for Mac OS X Download (13.5MB)