Experience and Expertise

Since our company foundation in 1990, we have specialized in automating and streamlining design and production for the apparel industry. As a company dedicated to solutions for this industry, we have amassed a wealth of experience, thanks to our wide-ranging base of satisfied customers. With over 2000 software licenses installed on all five continents, via direct sales and a network of experienced and knowledgeable resellers, we are in a position to provide the right solution to any organization.

Product Evolution

When we began development in 1990 on our CAD system for pattern design, PolyPattern, we chose the Macintosh as the platform that provided the best user experience. Since 1997 our software is available on the Windows platform as well. Also in 1997, we introduced PolyOrganize, then a PDM system, and today a more comprehensive PLM system, still characterized by its speed to implementation. In 1998 we brought to market a production-worthy automatic marker making software as part of the PolyPattern product line. In 2000, we extended PolyOrganize to include a web-based interface. Again in 2000, we extended PolyPattern to read native format data from several other CAD systems. In 2006, we introduced our innovative approach to made-to-measure pattern making.

Research and Development

Research and development is a high priority for us. We continually seek to offer software innovations that our customers actually benefit from. We have been members of several of research consortiums, funded at both EU and national levels, concerned with subjects such as automatic pattern generation, 3D scanning and made-to-measure apparel, automated leather cutting, electronic interchange of product specifications, and an e-collaboration design environment for visualization and 3D virtual modeling.

If your objectives include streamlining your design and production processes, improving the performance of your people, increasing profits, and achieving a higher return on investment, then we're your partner. We will provide you with the software solutions and the technical know-to make the most of them in your operation. We have the people, the products, the dedication, and the passion.

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