Three Reasons to Choose PolyPattern

There are many reasons to choose PolyPattern. These are just 3 of our favorites.
  • Performance

    The first thing you'll notice about PolyPattern is that there are few objects on the screen. That's because PolyPattern, from pattern design and grading to automatic marker making, offers thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure that you work quickly and efficiently, with perfect ease and precision. The result is a working environment with truly accessible functionality - you'll use all of PolyPattern's features, because you'll know how to.

  • For your business that means...

    1. You will save time in all aspects of pattern and marker making.
    2. You'll save fabric from AutoMarker optimizations.
    3. You will avoid production bottlenecks by designing your patterns directly in PolyPattern, resulting in:
    1. production-ready pattern data at the same time as the sample development
    2. quick and accurate fabric costing, so that the right amount of fabric is ordered.
  • Compatibility

    PolyPattern runs under both MacOS and Windows operating systems. PolyPattern exchanges data with other CAD systems via the international standards AAMA and ASTM, reads native format data from Lectra, Investronica, and Gerber, and communicates with most plotters, digitizers, cutters, databases, spreadsheets, and software applications.

  • For your business that means...

    1. You can choose equipment that suits your needs at every phase of your company's development.
    2. You can choose customers and suppliers freely, without concern for what CAD system they use.
  • Flexible Solutions

    PolyPattern is complete software whose modular design allows you to configure the software to exactly the modules you need. It offers affordable upgrades from basic to advanced and special-purpose modules according to your needs.

  • For your business that means...

    1. Your CAD/CAM system will adjust smoothy and affordably according to your needs.
    2. Your investment in PolyPattern is guaranteed to last long into the future.