PolyPattern-Marker is designed to maximize your productivity, minimize your labor cost and fabric consumption, and optimize your fabric orders. Its intelligently-designed tools and options make marker-making simpler and smoother, so that you can create tighter-fitting, more efficient markers with ease.

PolyPattern-Marker features include:

  • Easily accessible parameter specification that can be changed at any time.
  • A customizable warning system to spot conditions such as piece overlaps, non-graded patterns, incomplete markers, or updated pattern information.
  • Fabric direction management that couldn't be more flexible or more simple to use. You simply specify how you want to manage it - strictly, by size, or by bundle, or not at all. PolyPattern does the rest, counting bundles, maintaining direction, making sure there is no mistake.
  • For folded and tubular fabrics, intuitive and correct piece counting, which takes into account left-right pairs and folded pieces.
  • Correct piece orientation for left-right pairs placed at an angle to the fabric grain.
  • The ability to cut patterns and add seam allowance.
  • The ability to replicate all or part of a marker in the same or different sizes.
  • The ability to join markers.
  • Automatically generated block fusing pieces, the fusing shape being either rectangular or following the contour of the selected pieces at a specified offset.
  • Automatically generated buffers or blocks, to leave a gap around hard-to-cut pieces, specified overall or at any level of detail.
  • Automatic pattern adjustment to allow for fabric shrinkage or expansion.
  • Instant marker update to reflect any changes in patterns.
  • Simple to manage fabric repeats. Match rules are defined in PolyPattern-Design and can be specified to match piece-to-piece or piece-to-fabric. PolyPattern-Marker constrains pattern placement to respect those rules, maintaining consistency for left-right pairs, rotated pieces, and flipped pieces.
  • Fabric costing. PolyPattern's fabric costing feature lets you cost for knitted or woven fabric (in weight or length), lets you cost back to greige cloth, and gives you a cost analysis per model for markers that contain more than one model.
  • Reporting. You can print directly from PolyPattern detailed marker and costing information, and copy/paste information to other applications.
  • A wide range of output options. You can customize your output to include the data you want to see, and then send it to any plotter available on the market.
  • With the ISO CUT option installed, you can generate cut files for automatic fabric cutters. A range of parameters, for determining notch type and length, internal cuts, drill holes, and label information, lets you control what will be cut.
  • Database connectivity to automatically update PolyOrganize or PolyPattern-Database, so that your marker information, such as fabric yield, width, length, and size breakdown, gets associated with a style and is readily available for searching or further processing such as total style costing.