DOT Plotter Display

PolyPattern DOT Plotter

• The "noiseless miracle"
• Designed for easy operation
• Built to run 24/7
• Made in Western Europe (EU)
• Superior price/performance

PolyPattern DOT 180/220 Series

The PolyPattern DOT Plotter series is the ultimate in inkjet technology, in electronics, in software control and in cutting-edge long-lasting distinguished European design.

Easy and Quick

Rapid paper roll exchange system. Specifically designed for the present day marker-to-cut manufacturing environment. Fast, inexpensive to maintain quick service.

Paper Output

Ultra light aluminum shaft (up to 200mm diameter) or free-paper-on-front delivery.


Reduced ink consumption compared with conventional systems, allows inkjet head cleaning and parking using appropriate software. Ink level control. Easy access to change cartridge.

The environment

The materials used are high quality and eco-friendly allowing an almost 100% recycling at the end of their life-cycle, and are deliberately coded for this purpose.


DOT Plotter