Standard Cross Platform Technology

PolyOrganize runs under both Windows and Mac OS X server operating systems and supports simultaneous connections by clients on different operating systems. Web clients can be based on any platform that provides a web browser.

Data Security

A sophisticated security system handles access to data within the system. User access privileges can be individually assigned to each aspect of style development. Each user or group of users can have the right to view or write specific data. The same security scheme is applied when PolyOrganize runs via the web module.

Web Module

PolyOrganize’s answer to the challenges of sharing constantly changing data with remote locations around the world is simple: the same source of data for everyone. The PolyOrganize web server gives colleagues and partner companies direct access to the database. Data can be either viewed and/or edited by authorized users with any web browser.

Easy Maintenance

PolyOrganize is unbelievably easy to administrate and maintain. Built-in features include:

  • Integrated Backup
  • Automatic Crash Recovery
  • "Zero Administration"
  • Automatic Updating and Easy Version Deployment

Interfaces to Other Applications

PolyOrganize has a general-purpose, fully scriptable, import/export mechanism which allows you to import and export any of the data in the system in common formats such as text, dbf, and SYLK. Exports can be scheduled to run automatically at fixed dates or intervals and conditionally on data states.

In addition, PolyOrganize can be dynamically integrated with any application in a number of ways. Technologies and standards such as SQL, ODBC, and Web Services via SOAP are directly supported.