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Mockshop Visual Merchandising

Better visual merchandising. Perfect shop floor execution.

Mockshop is a set of virtual reality and visual reporting tools that helps you to build fully merchandised interactive 3D stores, to automatically generate planograms which provide a complete visual guide to every fixture in the store, to visually analyze your product data, and to create storyboards and range books in minutes.


Create the Product Database

The product database is at the core of the Mockshop environment. The database holds garment sketches and photos, along with detailed product information, which is usually culled from existing information systems. Graphics and photos of products are automatically converted into 3D garments.

Build the Store

You can design perfect shopfloor layouts by simply dragging and dropping fixtures, garments, and graphics. As you build the store, you can track vital information such as the total number of pieces on selected fixtures, or the average retail value per square meter.

Generate Planograms

Once you’ve created your shop floor layout, you can instantly generate planograms to show a detailed guide to each fixture. Each planogram can be built to display the product data you choose.

Communicate Your Vision

Once the store is merchandised, you can distribute planograms, floor layouts, and store views, electronically or as hard copies, to the rest of the retail team.

Benefit from Visual Analysis

The visual analysis tools lets you view your range by any two attributes (e.g. price by store grade). You can then easily identify any gaps in the range.

Design Storyboards

Storyboard tools allow you to drag and drop garments from the database, and attach any product data to each image. You can build wardrobe ideas and present your range clearly and simply.

Present Range Books

Quickly build your range books, adding data using the visual reporting tool. Data is pulled directly from the database, so it’s always up to date.

Integrate with PLM

When integrated with PolyOrganize or any PLM, you'll be planning and visualizing your stores around your new products, even when those products are still in design or under revision.

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