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VStitcher 3D Garment Modeling

True-to-Life 3D Garment Modeling

VStitcher reduces costs and pre-production cycle time through a powerful 3D garment design application. It allows pattern makers and designers to turn 2D patterns created in PolyPattern into realistically draped garments on true-to-life customizable models. Physically realistic fabric draping, textures, stitching, attachments such as prints and accessories, and garment fitting are all simulated on a virtual human figure (avatar).


Cutting edge, life-like models

Exceptionally detailed, 3D models can be customized to a vast array of parameters, such as age and gender, body measurements and posture, skin tone and hair style.

The most advanced fabric draping capabilities

Based on the fabric’s physical characteristics, VStitcher generates virtual draping behavior that genuinely simulates reality.

2D and 3D garment design

2D patterns created in PolyPattern are transformed into 3D garments. Design changes in the 3D environment are reflected back in the 2D environment.

Visual feedback of garment fit

Designers can visualize the actual fabric pressure on the body via a colored display by region or a fit grid.

Photo-quality display

Unique texture mapping capabilities provide photo-like representation of fabric, prints, and stitchinge.

Internet-ready 3D models

A rotating 3D file of garment prototype is generated and can be easily communicated to merchandisers, manufacturers, and customers, for confirmation or improvements, avoiding the costs of materials and transportation.

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Visualize Details

2D and 3D pattern making

True to Life Prototypes