VStitcher Version 7 Hub Training in Istanbul
VStitcher Version 7.0 - Adidas Hub Training
Producers of World Class Brands such as Adidas and Nike Met at Polytropon Istanbul Office for VStitcher version 7 Hub Trainings
The world class Fashion 3D solution provider Browzwear, has launched the new version of its industry leader 3D prototyping solution VStitcher 7.0.
The first stage of VStitcher 7 trainings was conducted in Istanbul this November by Polytropon with the participation of Adidas LO Turkey and local and foreign companies producing for world class brands such as Adidas and Nike.
Browzwear develops the industry-leading 3D virtual prototyping solution for developers, pattern makers and technical designers. With VStitcher, organizations are developing and sharing true-to-life virtual samples long before physical samples are ready.
Polytropon has been adding value to its international clients with its own PLM and 2D CAD solutions for more than 25 years, and continues to serve as a 3D knowledge center in the Turkish and Greek markets as the VStitcher solution partner.
Polytropon Automation Systems