Polytropon is a well established technology company serving the apparel industry since 1990. As the developer of PolyPattern CAD for pattern making and marking, we have decades of experience with a wide range of large format plotters.
We take this opportunity to share with you our carefully considered choices for reliable, high-quality plotting solutions that many of our customers are already taking advantage of.
For more information about PolyPattern DOT ink jet plotters and the Graphtec cutting plotters, please contact us at info@polytropon.com, or give us a call.
PolyPattern DOT Plotter 180/220
Polytropon complements its own powerful CAD software with the PolyPattern DOT plotter. This plotter matches perfectly our PolyPattern philosophy of ease of use, cutting edge design, and high performance. Some of its unique features are:
PolyPattern Dot 180/220
  • This is the quietest plotter in the market. It increases your productivity by reducing the noise in your work place.
  • You can choose the option to use two paper rolls of different widths at the same time.
  • There is an ethernet option so that you can easily connect the plotter to your company network.
  • High quality electronics and standard HP cartridges mean low cost maintenance and worry-free operation.
  • The entire plotter is designed and manufactured in the EU (Spain).
Paper Roller
Dot Function Display
Dot Quality
PolyPattern Graphtec FC8600 for Cardboard Cutting
Graphtec cutters make your cardboard cutting fast and painless. The Graphtec FC8600 is the best performing plotter in its class with superior Japanese technology and components.
Graphtec FC8600
  • There is no vacuum motor so the plotter is quiet while operating.
  • You can use roll media that the plotter feeds automatically, which means you can send longer jobs for uninterrupted plotting without the need for you to manually advance the paper/cardboard.
  • The machine has a small footprint due to its vertical design.
  • This plotter can also be used as a pen plotter to plot markers for production.
Graphtec Pen
Graphtec Image 2
Graphtec Quality