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Product photography and presentation are an integral part of almost every enterpise today. High quality product presentation via modern marketing methods is key to building any product's image and brand and in increasing sales.
The age where product photographs were used only in advertising catalogues is long past. Today product images are the basis of daily communication among companies, consumers, and trading partners, via websites, e-mails, newsletters, share points, and social media.
The opportunities presented by all these forms of e-communication create an associated demand for a wide variety of quality digital product images. In order to gain flexibility, adaptability, and full control over product images and visuals, many organizations are opting to internalize the entire process of image creation, management, and archiving, from product photography to publication.
Orbitvu photography systems will get you up to speed
ALPHASHOT is a compact photo studio for shooting 2D, 360° and 3D packshots with automatic background removal.
Alphashot Window
The captured images can be used separately or they can be combined to produce a 360° presentation.
ORBITVU is a complete system for photography and production of 360º interactive presentations.
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Alphashot Window
Depending on the weight and the dimensions of the products to be photographed, ORBITVU is available as Mini, Midi and Maxi kit.
ALPHASHOT and ORBITVU take care of every step of the process, from object rotation and image sequence capture, through editing, to presentation export and publishing to a web server.
Watch the process
ALPHASHOT and ORBITVU have already contributed to the production of quality presentations and successful sales of products such as clothes and lingerie, shoes, bags and accessories, jewelry and watches, glasses, sports equipment, crafts, collectibles and antiques, electronics, food, gadgets and toys in more than 20 countries worldwide.
"Please send an e-mail to info@polytropon.com to get more information about the Orbitvu photography systems."