Finteks achieved more than 300% time savings after switching to PolyPattern CAD
Finteks Models
As one of leading knitwear manufacturers in Turkey, with a corporate decision for a renewal of their existing CAD system, Finteks switched to PolyPattern CAD in 2015.
After the transition to PolyPattern, the company recently finalized an internal evaluation and report regarding the savings and benefits of the CAD switch. The company owner Mr. Ömer Kansu evaluated the results and indicated that "the company has gained up to three-fold savings when compared to previous status".
"After making the switch from another well-known CAD system to PolyPattern, we were able to develop our complex style designs and modifications as efficiently as possible. This led to a three-fold savings in time and manpower as compared with our previous way of working." FINTEKS, Turkey
As Polytropon, we continuously provide the best software solutions and services to Finteks to assist them in achieving their mission.
About Finteks Textile
Finteks, established in 1989, is one of leading knitwear manufacturers in Turkey and exports to the USA and Europe (Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden). With their experienced and professional staff, Finteks offers ready-made garments, such as t-shirts, trousers, shirts, sweatshirts and every kind of casual wear, sportswear and party wear up to more complicated garments for ladies, men and children.
With the help of accumulated experiences and professionalism, Finteks intends to be the indispensable business partner of the leading brands in the world. They are committed to listening and responding to the need of all customers, associates and business partners and to honor their individual value.
About Polytropon
Polytropon is an international team of IT professionals, textile engineers, and business consultants that has been driving the successful use of technology in the fashion and apparel industries for over 25 years.
Our goal is simple: the effective implementation of IT solutions that help our clients to create, access, and evaluate important ideas and information in order to maximize company-wide communication, innovation, and inspiration through all phases of the product lifecycle.