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E-Commerce Photography Made Simple
ALPHASHOT is a compact photo studio for shooting 2D, 360° and 3D packshots with automatic background removal. The system, consisting of both hardware and software, produces 360º interactive product presentations for publication online.
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The complete ALPHASHOT solution is a true revolution for photography for online shops. It allows specialists and non-specialist alike to capture professional packshots quickly and efficiently and to easily publish them online.
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Usage and Benefits
For Online Sales
For B2B Sales and Communication
For Photography Services
  • Showcase your products online in high-quality detail with smart zoom and spin-360° capabilities
  • Publish your showroom online and increase speed to market
  • Shoot easily and quickly
  • Enjoy ease of mind that your presentations are viewable on all client platforms (browsers, tablets, mobile)
  • Collaborate more effectively with trading partners
  • Take advantage of the automated workflow
  • Make your product photos more effective so that you increase sales, reduce returns, and increase profits now
  • Reach a wider audience with the same resources
ALPHASHOT is solid proven technology for boosting online presence and e-commerce sales. Its unique 'spin and zoom' quality photo presentations are contributing to thousands of online shops and businesses internationally, in the areas of shoes, bags and accessories, jewelry and watches, eyeglasses, electronics, sports equipment, crafts, collectibles and antiques, food, gadgets, and toys.